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Join Kids Helping Kids in making a dream come true for Malawi Girls on the Move. We are part of an initiative called WAKE (Women Advocates for Knowledge Everywhere) who are raising funds to build three science labs in Malawi.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Second Annual "Lights Out" Fundraiser

Exclusive Dance Party

By Invitation Only
Grades 9 - 11

All Proceeds to Dans La Rue

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Kids Helping Kids was created by a child to help other children 'because kids too can make a difference'. We believe that kids want to help other kids who are less fortunate.

The idea for the foundation started when a nine year old girl decided to ask for donations to a children's hospital for her birthday rather than to receive gifts. Since then other children have started their own fundraising projects and the dream has grown.

Use your imagination! Prove that kids really can make a difference.


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